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Case Studies



Read our case studies to learn more about our work.


Case Study 1

Shepherd Community Center works with neighborhood youth and their families “to break the cycle of poverty on the near Eastside of Indianapolis by engaging and empowering the community to cultivate healthy children, strong families, and vibrant neighborhoods through a Christ-centered approach that meets the spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs of our neighbors.”


The goal of the project is to develop and implement a data management model that will help Shepherd Community Center assess, improve and communicate the impact of its ministry through the appropriate use of qualitative and quantitative data.


Case Study 2

CICOA empowers older adults, those of any age with a disability, and their caregivers by providing the innovative answers, services, and support they need to achieve the greatest possible independence, dignity, and quality of life.


The goal of this project is to recreate the organizations volunteer program so as to attract more volunteers who are interested in supporting CICOA.


We conducted a historical and benchmarking analysis to identify what is working and not working to date. From there we compiled our learnings into our 5i Engine, resulting in a detailed proposal. 


Ultimately, our research resulted in redesigned and relaunched programs. 


Case Study 3

Best Practice Caregiving, a new web-based resource, helps provide organizations that serve family caregivers with a tool to easily compare and select evidence-based programs for dementia caregiving. The database serves as a single source of detailed information on more than 40 programs from across the U.S. It covers all the details required in order for health systems, social service providers and other community-based organizations to make informed selections to guide use within their own respective businesses. It is unique because it combines details about each intervention, references the research, examines costs factors for implementation and reports on field experience from organizations that have replicated the interventions.


Best Practice Caregiving was officially launched last January and has undertaken a second phase which has included adding additional interventions to the database and widespread dissemination to all target audiences and developing longer term sustainability strategies to maintain Best Practice Caregiving beyond the Phase 2 end date of December 2021.


The goal of the project is to develop and implement strategies to sustain the database that includes updating current listings; adding additional interventions as they become available; maintain any unusual technology problems; and continue to market the site to key target audiences.


Case Study 4

Bridge Builder Strategies partnered with USAging and Aging and Disability Business Institute to develop a sustainable plan that delivered 10x in value back to the community. We leveraged our 5i Engine to extract insights into user needs by leveraging qualitative and quantitative research methodologies such as in-depth interviews and conjoint analysis. We identified what members wanted and how the Business Institute could deliver what the members needed at nominal costs! The result was a comprehensive sustainability strategy backed up by high-quality data analysis.


The Aging and Disability Business Institute improves the business acumen skills of the 600+ Area Agencies on Aging. However, recently funders signaled that the grant funding would only last for a while. To remain sustainable without external funding, it needed to quickly identify a compelling value proposition with pricing points that maximized utilization that would allow for success by itself - this is where Bridge Builder Strategies came into play!


We had a great working relationship with USAging, and their needs are critical to us. We wanted to understand better what they needed from the project so that we could also maximize value for them! Our initial discussions made it clear how much they valued our consultative value-based partnership. There is no better way to approach a partnership than by asking questions.


We began with assessing the total value we needed to create for the Business Institute. We leveraged our 5i Engine to develop an in-depth project plan which resulted in a multiphase strategy. Our research began by understanding what makes the Business Institute valuable through multiple rounds of qualitative interviews and external market benchmarking before moving onto quantitative analysis aimed at teasing out how specific attributes affect price sensitivity for their services. We developed multiple baskets based on customer insights that allowed us to identify latent unmet needs.


Our team moderated over 30 interviews and conducted a thematic analysis to identify the key insights of the Business Institute members. We identified critical recommendations that the Business Institute and USAging team then implemented. Beyond this, our quantitative research is still fielding. The full read-out of results will come early next year alongside the financial profitability generated for the Business Institute based on our value-based approach.


Bridge Builder Strategies is an Indianapolis-based consulting company that helps nonprofits extract insights, communicate impact, and deliver value. We believe in strategic partnership and believe that your mission is our mission. We partner with individuals, organizations, and communities to solve society’s most challenging issues by bridging the gap between insights and action to deliver measurable impact. If you’re interested in learning more, then send us a message or connect with us on our social media.


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