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Our Approach


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We value every client interaction. You and your organization are trusted partners. We guide you through our 5i Engine, which always starts with converting data into insights your organization can use.


We then leveraging those insights to help you strategically create, deliver, measure, and communicate your organization’s impact. Here’s a little more on how we accomplish that.

We start with an initial conversation that we call the “Discovery Call”. During this call we will get to you know and your organization a little bit better.


Coming out of this call we will consult our insights library, populate a brief, and develop a project plan customized to your needs. We will then share that brief with you and iterate until we are aligned on the details.


From this point on we move into our Explore + Assess and Create + Deliver Phases. The details of which are found below. Once we have delivered for your organization, we always collect client feedback and seek additional ways we can be of service to you and your organization in the future.


Within the first phase of our work with you we will both explore and assess what you have on hand. During this phase you can expect us to have two key areas of focus: 1) Data & 2) Insights

Distilling Data

Our team examines your systems, process, and organization with a mechanist’s eye.  We roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty gritty details of your data.


We generate additional data and analyze what we find. Sometimes this process requires us to reorganize systems and produce recommendations that yield higher quality data.  


Ultimately, we are exploring what data you have, whether qualitative or quantitative in nature, and assessing what gaps may exist.

Extracting Insights

Our team then takes the data you have on hand and reorganizes it into an insight’s library.


Once organized we can start to extract and deliver clear, tangible insights through dashboards and other reports that are shared with you and your board. We can customize your library to fit your organization’s needs.


By extracting these insights we can help you capitalize on data that may have originally been viewed as a liability and turned it into your organization’s greatest asset.


Within the second phase of our work, we will start to create the resources, process, and recommendations that your organization needs to deliver impact.

Developing Infrastructure

Our team looks at the internal processes and structures that support your organization. We seek to understand what a barrier to your organization’s ability may be to execute the programs and services at your disposal. We then create and develop the necessary infrastructure need to be the groundwork for your organization. Ultimately, if your organization is not set up for success, you as a leader need to know what the problems are and how to fix them.

Fostering Innovation

Our team looks externally and internally at what other top tier organizations are doing and we help build innovation into your programs and services. The greatest benefit to your organization may come in the form of testing and learning. Leveraging your data, we can help create an environment that helps your team capitalize on innovative elements, technology, programs that have greater impact for your community. Ultimately, the past few years have put a strain on many organizations, you as a leader need to know when and how to evolve in order to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Ensuring Implementation

Our team helps support you and your organization as you go to implement changes. We understand that change can be difficult, so we want to ensure that your organization is set up for success. There may be barriers set up that inhibit your team’s ability to execute, deliver, and deliver with excellence. If those barriers exist we help put together an easy to follow action plan to help you and your organization get from point A to point B with as little friction as possible. Ultimately, data, insights, and strategic plans mean nothing to you and your organization if your organization is not able to execute the plan.

Creating Impact

Our team works with you to create, deliver, measure, and communicate impact. We empower your organization to know “what good looks like” and we give you the tools to measure the success of your programs and initiatives. We enhance the impact you have by ensuring our recommendations are aligned with your strategy and the actions you take lead to tangible impact. Ultimately, your organization is working hard to produce impact and together we can help you go further, faster, and with less strain on your systems, processes, and people.


Providing Ongoing Support

Our team understands that there really is no “end” to any project. Every car needs a tune up every now and then. As such our team wants to be your strategic partner. We value you and your community and see the path to accomplishing our mission through our partnership with you.  If your team needs support or ongoing assistance in any way, please let us know and we are more than willing to help your team turn data into insights and bridge your insights into sustainable impact.


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