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Amplifying Value for Nonprofits, Foundations, and Governments

What Makes Us Different?

At Bridge Builder Strategies, we specialize in amplifying the value created by nonprofits, funders, and municipalities. With our extensive knowledge and experience, strategic investment capabilities, and a deep commitment to enhancing impact, we empower our partners to unlock their full potential. We work alongside our partners to ensure that every endeavor they undertake generates maximum value for their stakeholders, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Using Our Knowledge and Experience to Amplify Value

Visionary Leadership

A Visionary Approach to Impact Amplification

Founded and led by the industry-leading executive Dr. Mike Simmons, Bridge Builder Strategies is at the forefront of transforming communities through visionary strategies. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Dr. Simmons excels in connecting stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and driving data-informed program design and implementation.


As an accomplished educator and an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Simmons holds a DBA in Marketing from Kennesaw State University and an MBA in Leadership from Butler University. At Bridge Builder Strategies, we embark on a mission to amplify and accelerate value creation, working with nonprofits, funders, and municipalities.


Our practical, action-oriented approach thrives on collaboration and data insights, empowering our partners, unlocking potential, and fostering lasting positive change. Dr. Simmons is committed to creating measurable impact and guiding organizations toward a brighter future.

Outstanding Results

Proven Excellence: Real Impact, Real Results

Collaborative Excellence

We adopt a highly collaborative approach to working with each of our strategic partners. Much of our success and the success of our network is driven by teamwork, partnerships, and a shared commitment to achieving meaningful results.



Our results are also driven by strategies informed by data. We build strategies and employ tactics that are supported by quantitative and qualitative insights and are backed up with rigorous analysis. This work allows us to help you make more informed decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your programs.


Custom Solutions

Each of our solutions are customized to your organization. We employ a variety of tools and a proprietary growth engine, 5i Engine, to tailor our services to meet the unique needs and goals of each of our partners. We are committed to amplifying your efforts to bring about positive change and we recognize to do that we must focus on the process rather than off-the-shelf products. Therefore, the outputs of our work together will be truly unique, innovative, and sustainable. 


Sustainability and Legacy

In our collaboration together, we will look for ways that we can ensure your programs and organizations are set up for successful scalability and sustainability. Using a rigorous process, we can help amplify your value far beyond short-term gains and help you create a lasting and positive influence.


Network Opportunities

Our work creates network-level value meaning that each of our partners will have the chance to benefit from engagements and partnerships. We do this through proprietary sourcing and networking methodologies that engage our community and partners. We encourage our partners to reach out and explore collaboration opportunities by contacting our team and through other engagement strategies.

Ready for positive change?
Reach out to explore collaborations.

Using Strategic Investment to Amplify Value

Money, Policy and People

Our unique network-driven approach allows us to leverage strategic investment, enhancing outcomes for organizations and the communities they serve. Our definition of strategic investment aligns with the strengths of our partners, ensuring we maximize the value we create.

Using Enhanced Impact to Amplify Value

Compounding Outcomes

 Data-driven decisions are embedded in the foundation of what we do. We utilize evidence-based research to help organizations craft compelling value propositions. Through collaboration and tailored strategies, we guide you toward lasting and measurable impact. With us, your impact compounds, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Amplifying Value For Nonprofits, Funders, and Governments

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