What We Do

We Build Bridges To Create Measurable Impact...


Knowledge +    Infrastructure 

Bridge Builder Strategies helps organizations understand the problems faced by those they serve. We do this by using a discovery process that creates a detailed picture to help our partners visualize their key stakeholders, their programs and services, and the data they collect. This process goes beyond the transactional perspective to help organizations look through longitudinal, relational, emotional, and cultural lenses. 


To compete in an increasingly complex ecosystem, organizations and their employees often need a broader set of strategies, capabilities, and skills. Bridge Builder Strategies helps our partners understand the capabilities and the strengths of the organization and employees. Using this information, we help our partners build organizational competencies and strategies that allow them to thrive while increasing their impact.


Education +


Growing and sustaining impact is not easy. Organizations are only able to succeed in having a lasting impact when they build lasting relationships and continue to learn.

At Bridge Builder Strategies, we help organizations accomplish this by developing programs, processes, and partnerships, identifying shared language, goals, vision, and measures of impact, and providing access to best practices and learnings. 

The key to establishing measurable impact is building relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide value to our partners on a consistent, ongoing basis. Bridge Builder Strategies is confident that we will give you the knowledge and tools to make this happen.


Connections +


Relationships begin with a willingness to connect with others realizing that there is strength in numbers. Going beyond the connection requires a deep commitment to investing in others. This deeper connection helps us to discover shared values and builds a foundation for a shared vision, shared language, shared experiences, and a shared future.


We help connect individuals, organizations, and communities together to build bridges for deeper, more meaningful, and enduring relationships.




Within any organization or community, people have vastly different ideas, values, and sensitivities. Community engagement is about listening to the voices, concerns, and desires of multiple groups of people with differing perspectives and helping them to collaborate and invest in a project.

With a deep understanding of the ecosystem and its stakeholders, Bridge Builder Strategies helps our partners create strategies aimed at community engagement.

Using frameworks, tools, and best practices, we help our partners and their communities co-design data-informed solutions to best address the identified issues. Completing the process involves sharing strategies with stakeholders for feedback, modification, support, and implementation.

Our Three Sectors

Health + Wellbeing

We help our partners understand and adapt to the changing health care and aging landscape. Creating optimal health for communities requires a systematic approach, and we are here to create a framework to translate available data into strategic programs.

Education + Experiential Learning

We partner with educational institutions to strategically engage with their communities to develop and evaluate strategies to improve academic outcomes and encourage life-long learning. 


Economic + Community Development

We have a passion for connecting people and organizations to make their communities better places to live, work, and play. When the quality of life of the individuals in a community measurably improves, research demonstrates that the economy of the community will grow and be more vibrant.