About Us

Our Mission

We strive to help organizations like yours build a robust and reliable pathway to greater impact.

Our Values

We Are...

Servant Leaders
Life-Long Learners
  • We are others-centered

  • We demonstrate high integrity

  • We pursue the greater good by focusing on and serving others

  • We accomplish more together

  • We connect individuals, organizations, and communities

  • We learn and grow from our past experience

  • We see failure as an opportunity to grow

  • We embrace new ideas, opportunities, and service

  • We apply what we learn to our future

Our History

Dr. Mike Simmons founded Bridge Builder Strategies in 2018 after spending 30 years with Eli Lilly. More than 10 years of his time there was spent working directly with non-profits as part of the company’s corporate affairs team. Four years after graduating with his MBA, he joined the faculty and helped found Butler’s MBA Board Fellows course. This, along with his role at Lilly, helped him better understand the needs of non-profits. In 2010, Dr. Simmons went on to pursue a doctorate and the focus of his dissertation was corporate social responsibility reporting. As a result of his role at Lilly, his educational pursuits, and his years of community service, Dr. Simmons saw a need to help organizations create, deliver, measure, and communicate impact. With this as its focus, Bridge Builder Strategies was born.