Our Mission

Creating transformational change and lasting impact through building trusting relationships, shared experiences, and engaged communities.

Our Values

We Are...

  • to pursue the greater good and impact lives and communities

  • to demonstrate high integrity and provide superior service to our partners

Servant Leaders

A place...​


  • where failure is an opportunity to learn and grow

  • to generate new ideas and opportunities, personal growth, and social engagement

  • where curiosity and discovery lead to transformation

A place...​


  • of harmony, stability, health, and productivity

  • to accomplish more together

  • to share stories, recognize excellence, and learn and grow from past experiences

A place...​


  • where our most significant accomplishments are in the relationships we form

  • where diverse organizations, communities, and ecosystems are embraced, celebrated, nurtured

  • where individuals are valued and included for their unique contributions to the whole

A place...​

Our Partners

At Bridge Builder Strategies, we view our clients as partners. This fact is what makes us different from other businesses. Other businesses often see the term client through a transactional lens. We value genuine relationships with partners, not clients. We seek to understand our partners individually, within their organizations, in the communities they operate, and the broader ecosystems in which they participate. We aim to maintain ongoing dialogue, collaboration, and accountability for the duration of a project and even after its completion. Providing the best service possible is consistent with our company's values and paramount to our relationships with our partners.

Together, we can create change and lasting impact.